Pura Vida is the older sibling of YOLO, the modern day Carpe Diem, and a less morbid cousin of momento mori. Pura Vida happens when you grab life by the proverbial horns and riding it like Sea Biscuit! Pura Vida is living a pure life, free of impurities like doubt, fear, insecurity, laziness, etc.

I first heard the term Pura Vida in Costa Rica. What Aloha is to Hawaii, Pura Vida is to Costa Rica. I've heard it used many was - to say hello, goodbye, sorry, thank you, and you're welcome. Translated in English, it means pure life. I like it as a greeting, I love it as a philosophy.

The exact way in which the pura vida philosophy manifests will be different for each person. For some, it's standing up to your boss. For others it's starting that diet/workout program you've been holding off on. Pura Vida can be as harmless as reading that book collecting dust on your dresser or as daring as jumping out of a plane to face your fear of heights. Many Most people are unhappy with their jobs but only some take action. Pura vida is choosing to be a comedian, author, blogger, or an entrepreneur while actively rejecting the unhappy 9-5 life.

Even read the lyrics to Wake Me Up? How about the lyrics to 10,000 Hours by Macklemore? Highly recommended listening. Next time you push yourself out of your comfort zone, or find yourself enjoying the moment or do something for the sake of doing it, hashtag it #PuraVida!